Don’t let fear hold you back

For a long time I have been considering taking my services online to reach and help more people.  I know I have the knowledge and the expertise but I had a lot of things in my head holding me back.

My biggest one was money and set up costs.  When you look at companies and the cost of branding and getting someone to set up your site for you, it’s expensive.  Well there are sites out there where you can build your own. I’ve learnt it takes patience and trial and error (things I’m not great at) but it’s totally do-able.

The second fear I had was not being that technically minded so how on earth could I do this myself?!  Well here you go!  I researched, researched, researched.  I spoke to some experts in the field who are good at social media, I am currently studying social media marketing and blogging (so expect some improvements to this page going forward!) and I talk to inspiring people who are business owners.  I have a mentor and friend who has given the little tips and confidence to get me going.  So I am doing just that. Thank you Mahmood.

I am also a perfectionist by nature and also didn’t really want to launch a service or site that wasn’t 100% up to scratch or with all the ideas in place.  My theory now…. you have to start somewhere right and in honesty, would I really be happy with anything? so get on with it girl!

So what is your fear?  What is holding you back from achieving something your heart is set on?  Is it fear of failure, fear of comparison to others, fear of the unknown.  This stuff seems so much bigger in our head than they are in reality.  You don’t know how things will turn out if you don’t try – you just have to take that first step.  Research, plan, prepare and then take step number one.  The rest falls into place afterwards.

So whether it’s a lifestyle change, starting an exercise regime, looking for a new job or even setting up your own business – GO FOR IT.  What are the gaps you need to fill – this could be getting new contacts, taking a course or study program, researching online for information or reaching out to friends and colleagues. Look for all possible solutions and don’t let the first obstacle that gets in your way put you off.  

Life comes with set backs, but if your dream means that much to you then find a way around them.  I have always done this which is how I’ve ended up being a trainer of instructors and a presenter for Les Mills.  First it was a language barrier, then it was a location barrier then it was connecting to the right people.  I don’t give up and neither should you.  Work damn hard for what you want, which unfortunately not everyone is willing to do.

This attitude has also got me to this page right here. Taking my fitness training plans and knowledge and moving online. So are you ready to go for what you want or is fear holding you back?

Believe me, when you finally start (or even achieve) your goal – it feels amazing.  So I urge you, just go out there and grab it with both hands.  Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

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