Great things happen outside of your comfort zone

Today I received my International certification as a Les Mills GRIT coach.  I am so happy I can tell you.

Now I’m a very experienced instructor and trainer running courses, but whenever any one of us is faced with a new challenge or something out of our everyday life, it’s scary!  Learning new skills takes time, practice, dedication and patience.

But, the only way we grow is by stepping outside of our comfort zone and taking on challenges. What have you done recently that has challenged you or enabled you to grow as a person?  It could be anything – from learning a new skill or course to trying a new activity.  Our brain needs this push from time to time to give us just enough juice to fire us up again. have a list of reasons why getting out of your comfort zone is so beneficial. Reasons to step out of your comfort zone.

Of course we need to be well prepared for any new activities we take on but like all things, it gets easier with time.  The key is to be prepared, take a breath, and just go for it.  Even if things don’t work out – that’s still learning.  As Bram Stoker said “We learn from failure, not from success!”.


Here are my tips for breaking out of your comfort zone

  1. Get out of your normal routine.  We get stuck into habits and set in our ways that we are closed for opportunities and change.
  2. Don’t be scared of change.  It’s in our nature to be apprehensive, but life is about change so learn to embrace new things.
  3. Take baby steps.  Keep trying something new and practicing until you get used to it.  It won’t feel alien for long and then our comfort zone has just grown.
  4. Talk to different people.  New people bring new opportunities and new chances.
  5. Agree to something you wouldn’t normally consider – then learn how to do it as you go.
  6. Give up some control.  This can be hard for some people.  In work do you micro-manage people with tasks? Or can you give up some control?
  7. Write a list of goals you want to achieve and keep moving towards them.  Regularly check this is happening.
  8. Just go for it!

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