1. Optimise your workout time

Whatever time you have, fill it wisely.  Do more exercises that use more muscles to burn more calories and shape you up.  This could include my top 5 exercises for the body or hiit training.  It could also mean breaking your training down to 15-20 minute slots in the day.  During your day, try to move more – park further away, walk to see a work colleague instead of calling, take the stairs instead of the lift – all things that add up to more steps in your day.

2. Simple healthy food

Simple – if you want to lose weight, feel better and improve energy you have to eat well. Try to home cook more than take outs or ready meals – know what goes into your body. Eat lots of vegetables of all colors, incorporate a mix of proteins, include unrefined whole grain carbohydrates and do eat good fats. Planning what you are going to eat, when and sometimes from where will be a big win with nutrition. Fail to plan then plan to fail so they say. I totally agree! If I don’t have my food planned then rubbish will go in (which is also more expensive). So plan, prep, plan, prep!!! Good healthy and tasty food doesn’t have to take hours to make – who has time for that everyday?!!

3. Sleep well

We have all been there.  Had a bad nights sleep or not enough and you’re cranky the next day!  Not just that but you feel more hungry and more likely to reach for the cookie jar for an energy pick me up.  This is when exercising also becomes harder if done at all.  Conditions that usually help me sleep better are blackout curtains, a cool room, stop looking at my phone before I sleep and do not check it if I wake up and I read a few pages of a book before lights out.  I also plan to have 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

4. Socialise

Taking time to see family and friends is good for the soul.  It helps reduce stress (which can make you store body fat), cheers you up and laughing is the best of medicine.  Meeting up with people can be quick and simple like a coffee, go and visit at the house, do an activity or exercise class together, go to the cinema – absolutely anything you want.  And yes, it may also include food and drinks! You can order healthier dishes on a menu (you just have to know what to look for) or if it’s the odd time then go and have a drink or eat that slice of pizza.  It’s about getting balance in life.

5. Try to establish some form of routine

Consistency is key to be successful in anything.  Try to get up at the same time each day, get into a pattern of planning your food and taking it out the freezer, plan your exercise time and what you will do (most of the effort is actually going to the gym, it’s pretty easy after that!).  Maybe try and exercise after work before you hit home or as soon as you drop the kids off in the morning – find a time that suits you and try and stick to it.  It comes down to effective time management.  As a busy person myself, my day is practically scheduled with the work and tasks I need to do, plus I plan when I will workout and what I will eat.  This keeps me sane! My work may also take me travelling which sounds better than it actually is believe me!  Usually the sleep is disrupted, the food choice way harder and personal time reduced.  But I can make it work.

6. Develop self confidence

Sometimes it is easy to believe the negative thoughts in your head – but STOP! Please. Try and develop a positive mindset.  Start each day with 3 things your are grateful for. Take time to stop, breathe and reflect on how far you have come and what you have achieved in life or your journey.  Focus on your why – the deep rooted anchor that makes you get up everyday and do what you do. When you’re having a bad day or moment, think back to your why.  Finally, surround yourself with people who lift you up.  There can be energy drainers and energy givers in life.  Find those people who support you, lift you up and encourage you. But above all else, know your worth.  You are unique, you are worthwhile, you are important – you are that energy giver to someone else. Embrace you.

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