I don’t know about you, but I seem to be getting sick all the time!  With schools back and life returning to normal for the first time in years, there seems to be loads of germs around and loads of people sick!  We also seem to have hit the cold season where the weather is changing and bugs are high.

It’s time to boost our immunity.  Arming ourselves to be a little stronger on the inside to fight off all the colds and flu going around.  How can we do that?  Well eating good immunity boosting foods will help plus getting in some movement to get us fitter and healthier.

Some foods that help boost our immunity are:
Citrus fruit
Red bell peppers
Garlic & ginger
Sunflower seeds
Green tea
Papaya and kiwi


Get moving more!

We know exercise is a great way to get ourselves fitter and healthier.  Sometimes it can be hard to get the motivation you need by yourself.  I am giving you a free 15 minute ab class you can follow and squeeze into your day.  It is suitable for all levels with options and 15 minutes will soon fly by!

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