Do you know how you breath affects your pelvic floor?

1 in 3 women who are peri or post menopausal struggle with some degree of pelvic floor dysfunction…..and that’s just the women who have reported it and go to the GP, there must be millions more who don’t and just manage as best they can.

Every part of our body on the inside is connected with fascia and so many areas are linked it is just unbelievable.  Even down to breathing properly and how our breathing muscles (the diaphragm) is connected to our pelvic floor.

Most people breath quite shallow into the chest, coupled with rounded shoulders and bad posture from lifestyle habits.  This means we are not breathing fully or deeply.

By breathing deeper into the lungs and feeling the sides of the body expand, we are starting to breath better and are starting to connect with our pelvic floor.

When we breath in our diaphragm contracts and lowers to allow the lungs to fill with air – this also helps relax the pelvic floor.

When we breath out, our diaphragm relaxes and lifts back up into the ribs at the same time our pelvic floor is lifting and lightly contracting.  

Watch this short video on finding neutral posture and breathing better.

Pelvic floor and breath is something we focus on in Fitness Pilates.  If you would like to;

  • improve the function of your pelvic floor
  • Strengthen your core and back
  • Improve your posture
  • Mobilize and stretch the joints and muscles
  • Improve your general well being


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