4 top tips for weight loss

Weight loss is probably one of the biggest New Years resolutions out there!  Maybe a little over indulgence over Christmas, maybe the cold weather makes exercising harder to stick with plus people tend to be busier leading up to the holidays.   Whatever it may be, a lot of people look to lose weight in January and get back on track.

Here are my top tips to help you lose weight and get back into your clothes better.

Tip 1:  Nutrition – eat in a calorie deficit which means consuming less calories than you burn.  These calories can technically come from any food although more healthier food choices are more likely to fill you up and help you feel better.

Tip 2: Resistance training 3-4 times a week to help build lean muscle, shape and tone the whole body and increase your overall metabolism when resting. 

Tip 3:  Move more throughout the day.  Extra daily movement soon adds up to more calorie burn.  Whether you add in a 30 minute walk daily or aim for a certain number of steps, it’s a way of getting you to move regularly.

Tip 4:  Sleep.  When we are sleeping this is the time when our bodies are building and repairing.  Also, when we do not sleep well, the following day we are hungry and crave more sugary foods and have less energy and inclination to work out so a big knock on effect.

Looking for more motivation and a group to get your weight loss started?  Join my online program starting Sunday January 8th.  4 weeks online through zoom, 4 classes a week plus lots of nutrition advice and recipe and menu ideas to get you off to a flying start.

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