Female, around 40, ready to feel great?

Are you menopausal or perimenopausal?

If you are female in your 30s, 40s or 50s, likely you are experiencing some symptoms of the menopause.  Years before you hit menopause, when you are in the perimenopause stage, you could still be feeling these symptoms.

Exercise and nutrition can help reduce these symptoms.  If you’re looking for motivation, information, accountability and support, you can join my online group starting Sunday 30th April.

  • Live online and recorded if you cannot make the live class

  • 14 day nutrition plan as your guide

  • Easy to understand nutrition

  • Workouts that build strength and tone muscles

  • How to manage stress

  • Tips to sleep better

  • How to include healthy habits into your lifestyle

  • Access to my member area for additional classes and workouts

  • Private group for ongoing support and motivation and questions

5 post workout snacks

Ever wondered how to refuel after a workout?  How to eat enough protein and carbs to keep your body in tip top condition and feeling good?  Here are 5 great post workout snacks / foods you can try:

  1. Greek Yogurt with Berries: Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein and berries are packed with antioxidants, making them a perfect post-workout combination.

  2. Apple slices with Almond Butter: Apples are a great source of carbohydrates while almond butter provides healthy fats and protein. This combination can help replenish your energy stores and aid in muscle recovery.

  3. Protein Shake: A protein shake is a quick and convenient way to get the protein your body needs after a workout. You can add fruits or vegetables to make it even more nutritious.

  4. Hummus with Veggies: Hummus is high in protein and healthy fats, while vegetables are a great source of carbohydrates and nutrients. This combination can help you refuel and recover after a workout.

  5. Tuna Salad with Whole Grain Crackers: Tuna is a great source of protein and healthy fats, while whole grain crackers provide carbohydrates. This combination can help you replenish your energy stores and aid in muscle recovery.


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