Master your Menopause

Are you struggling with perimenopause or menopause?  Symptoms such as hot flushes, weight gain (especially around the mid section), bad sleep leading to low energy levels, joint pain and higher stress levels – to name just a few?!


Then join my new 4 week Menofit plan to give you talks, tips and advice to help you feel better.  There are many things we can adapt and tweak naturally to help navigate our way through this time.

Plus, as we age our activity levels decrease, or we feel unmotivated or not sure what the best form of movement is best.  Alongside the talks, you will also receive a variety of workouts to help build muscle mass, improve metabolism, relieve stiff joints, destress and improve our heart health. These are suitable for all fitness levels.

What you will receive on the plan:

2 talks and workout sessions a week (online or live at Volonte Fitness centre, Janabiya)

1 additional workout online 

Access to my VIP class library with loads of choice for extra workouts

Recipes and meal ideas

Weekly check in and motivation in a private group

A great community to share your experience and receive support along the way

Sign up here for 45bd / £90

Lets go ladies, lets master our menopause and start feel great again!


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