Why stretching should become a daily habit

It is often overlooked, seen as boring or unnecessary but stretching is important for our well being and body.  Here are some reasons:

  • Improve you range of movement around the joint and move better in exercises.
  • Relieve muscle tightness.
  • Improve your exercise performance and results.
  • Combat bad posture and daily slouching.
  • Loosen up and feel refreshed.

My top 5 stretches

See if you can do them at the end of your workouts or at the end of your day.  Hold for about 30 seconds, breath steadily, feel the stretch but not shaking and pain and see how you feel after a couple of weeks.

Dead hang (back, lats, shoulders)

Hip flexor (hip flexor, quadriceps)

Seated glute stretch (side glutes, hips)

Frog pose (inner thigh, groin)

Standing chest stretch (chest, front of shoulders, biceps)

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