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Black Friday deals

For a limited time, Im offering December and January programs, classes and trainings at a discounted price.  Take a look

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Time hacks for fitness

Is it me or is life getting busier these days?  What with juggling to fit in work, cooking, shopping, doing activities with the kids or school runs, it’s getting harder and harder to fit in workouts or eat healthy.  With some planning and prepping, it can be achievable to keep healthy in your life – here are my top tips on how

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Great things happen outside of your comfort zone

Now I’m a very experienced instructor and trainer running courses, but whenever any one of us is faced with a new challenge or something out of our everyday life, it’s scary!  Learning new skills takes time, practice, dedication and patience.

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Over training – how much is too much?

What is overtraining or burnout? It’s when your body can’t recover from strenuous exercise which can lead to chronic fatigue.  Most likely due to doing too much exercise (high volume) and not allowing for sufficient recovery.

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