14 Day MenoFit program - pre recorded

Launching 7th November a 14 day program to improve your energy and wellbeing.

  • Daily 15-20 minute workouts including strength, low impact cardio, mobility
  • Simple nutrition & healthy tips
  • Meno meal planning and recipes
  • Bespoke member area
  • How to have happy hormones
  • Vital vitamins for menopause
  • Understand midsection weight gain and weight loss
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve brain fog and moods
  • Learn how to put everything together



A program designed for menopausal women to improve health, fitness, wellbeing and energy.  Short meno friendly workouts, simple nutrition, meal planning and recipes.  Plus talks on improving stress, sleep, and how to improve hormones.

This is a prerecorded program that can be done at your own convenience.





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