Whether you are a woman pre/post menopause who finds it hard to lose weight, or feel like you don’t have energy, these online courses will guide you through not just nutrition and fitness but also help you understand and manage unbalanced hormones, improve gut health, which can be a big block to weight loss, and help you manage stress and sleep patterns to help you feel fresher and recharged.

14 day MenoFit plan

Starts Monday 7th November
£ 23
  • Simple nutrition
  • Meno meal planning and recipes
  • Reduce midsection belly fat
  • Recorded workouts for all fitness levels
  • Sleep better
  • Improve brain fog and mood
  • Short daily workouts to improve energy

28 day menofit plan

starts Monday 21st November
£ 50
  • Manage Stress & Sleeping
  • Motivation and Support
  • Simple nutrition and meno recipes
  • How to have happy hormones
  • Improve Gut Health
  • Short daily workouts to improve mood and energy
starting soon

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