A 14 day program comprising of:

  • Daily 15-20 minute menopause friendly workouts
  • Workouts include low impact cardio, strength and conditioning, yoga and mobility, core and more
  • Simple nutrition guidance and healthy tips
  • Meal planning and meno recipe ideas
  • Daily coaching recorded to watch in your own time
  • Bespoke members access.

Plus lifestyle, healthy habits & nutrition videos:

  • Nutrition
  • Meno meal planning & food prep
  • How to have happy hormones
  • Vital vitamins for menopause
  • Midsection weight gain & weight loss
  • Menopausal emotional & stress eating
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Tricks to improve your sleep
  • Brainfog, mood and food
  • Calories V healthy habits for the win
  • Meno friendly workouts
  • How to put everything together

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